During one mid-winter Earth-month, five spirits from across the galaxy met in a distant cosmic ocean. Under the light of the 7th moon they joined forces to form a magnificent creature, ZODIAK.

When a group is naturally soulful, they tend to stand out from the rest of the pack.
— Bronsky Bryant, Vibes&Vino

Cemented together by an unyielding weld of funk and soul, the young band is on a mission to deliver smooth studio productions and high-energy live sets. As accomplished musicians hailing from a wide range of backgrounds, the band members have worked hard to develop a unique sonic blend of mainstream genres like rhythm and blues, pop, and rock and roll. However, ZODIAK remains steadfast in her DMV roots, frequently alluding to the go-go icons and kings of soul that have been a staple of music from the District.

In January 2016, ZODIAK uttered her first growl. Basement Brew, the band’s debut studio album, has been received with great warmth! The voice of singer-songwriter Zayani Sims is purely beautiful, often carrying a melody solo, but occasionally finding a partner to dance a harmonic vocal tango. Lyrics are supported by fluttering flute ad-libs, complex rhythms, succulent key changes, and passionate solos. Featuring an uplifting radio jam "Don't Be Debbie" and a sultry feel-good single "That's a Good Time," this album aims to ignite passion in its listeners and inspire optimism through a turbulent social environment.

ZODIAK continues to build on the momentum of their album release. They have amassed quite a following in the DMV, especially after playing big sets at the H Street Festival and National Cherry Blossom Festival. Their live sets are energetic, fun, and often sweaty! They bring love and light to all their performances, and aim to party more than to perform. Surely, the stars are only a launchpad for this bright young group!

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